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Payment of 2nd provisional tax instalment for 2022

We would like to remind you that the payment deadline for the 2nd provisional tax instalment for tax year 2022 is the 31st of December 2022.

Payment obligation

The following persons should consider whether a provisional tax payment would arise based on their expected annual taxable income for tax year 2022:

  • Individuals with taxable income other than salaries, pensions, dividends and interest, and

  • Companies with taxable income.

Kindly note that, persons with no taxable income, do not have an obligation to pay provisional tax.

Payment dates

The provisional tax is payable in two equal instalments, as following:

Provisional tax instalments

Statutory deadline

Provisional tax instalmentsStatutory deadlineEffective deadline (No interest/penalty)

1st instalment

31 July 2022

31 August 2022

2nd instalment

31 December 2022

31 January 2023 (if not revised)

Late payments (made after the effective deadline) are subject to a 5% penalty as well as interest (at 1.75% per annum for 2022).

If the estimated tax paid for 2022, is lower than 75% of the actual tax liability calculated based on the audited financial statements for the year, then a surcharge (penalty) of 10% will apply on the underestimated tax payable.

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