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In today’s competitive landscape, modernizing your technology capabilities is more than a necessity; it can be a game-changer. 

Is your technology keeping pace? If not, ACT with us!

Managed Cyber Security Services

The cyber threat landscape is continually changing and becoming more complicated, and most businesses lack the cyber security tools and ability to maintain security measures up to date.

Cybersecurity can be a huge burden for your company, but it doesn't have to be.


Our Managed Security Services are designed to safeguard your business from cyber attacks. Build specifically for Small And Midsize Business (SMB).

Our Managed Cyber Security Services

Together we "ACT"

Managed Services

Threat Monitoring - SOCaaS

24x7 Threat Monitoring

Stop attackers in their tracks with our managed cybersecurity detection and response solution backed by a world-class security operations center.

Dark web monitoring - DWaaS

24/7/365 human and machine-powered monitoring

Our fully managed Solution ensures the greatest amount of protection with 24/7/365 human and machine-powered monitoring of business and personal credentials, including domains, IP addresses and email addresses.

Chief Technology Officer - CTOaaS

Chief Technology Officer as a Service

We are overseeing the development and dissemination of technology for external customers, vendors, and other clients, ensuring technologies are used efficiently, profitably and securely.

Cyber Security Awareness Training and Testing - CSATTaaS

Security awareness and anti-phishing training

Our unique fully managed CSATT (Cyber Security Awareness Training and Testing) service provides phishing testing and cybersecurity training to keep your employees vigilant towards cybercrime.

Governance, risk management, and compliance - GRCaaS

IT Compliance & Security Assurance Made Easy

Nobody likes dealing with all the time-wasting tasks associated with regulatory compliance and managing information security programs. However, they are necessary to reduce cybersecurity risks for the people you work for. GRCaaS is here to simplify your life in performing all the required tasks. 

Our ad-hoc Professional Services

Together we "ACT"

Where We Can Help

Professional Servies

Cyber security and IT Assessments

Our service goes way beyond just network discovery and documentation to provide real “value-added intelligence” to our customers. 


  • We collect detailed information on every asset, including those not physically connected to the network.

  • We can Identify risks from misconfigurations, network vulnerabilities and user threats.

  • We support all environments, from on-prem, to remote, to cloud, to work-from-home.

Vulnerability Assessments

We can provide once-off or ongoing vulnerability assessments (VMaaS) that reliably identifies internal and external vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

Penetration Testing  

A penetration test takes the perspective of an outside intruder or an internal individual with malicious intent. This may not always involve technology, however technical controls are a big part of preventing easy exploitation and data compromise.

We are providing 

  • Internal Penetration

  • External Penetration

  • Web Application Penetration

Talk to an Expert

Together in your free consultation, we’ll:

  • Discuss your current IT posture and goals

  • Discuss how ACTServ  may be able to help or point you to valuable tools and resources


In order to effectively review your organization and IT challenges prior to the call, please tell us a bit about you first.

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